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Benefits of Thyroid Treatment

A small butterfly-shaped gland that rests at the base of the neck is responsible for quite a few different functions in your body. This gland is known as the thyroid. Primarily, it releases hormones that play a key role in how…

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How Does Hormone Health Affect My Well-Being?

Your hormones play a big role in your overall well-being. They are created by the glands located in your endocrine system and are used to relay important messages to different organs in the body. When your hormones are not balanced, chances…

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Signs of Andropause

In addition to metabolic changes, many men also experience a sudden drop in their testosterone levels as they grow older. That transition is called andropause, and it can result in a wide array of unwanted side effects when left untreated. That…

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Stem Cell Therapy for Damaged Tendons

For the past decade, stem cell therapy has been used by surgeons and physicians to bring healing to specific areas. In 2017, the FDA authorized use for this amazing new treatment to be used by the general public. This means that…

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Say Goodbye to Those Pounds with Medical Weight Loss

Traditional diets and exercise programs don’t work for everyone. Going solo to achieve weight loss isn’t always the answer. They say there is strength in numbers. When it comes to getting rid of excess weight, taking a team approach can be…

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Why Choose Hormone Therapy To Help With Sexual Desire

The subject of sexual desire and hormone therapy is not something likely to come up in everyday conversation. Most people would rather not think about this particular issue at all to begin with. However, it doesn’t get any better by ignoring…

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Reasons to Consider Thyroid Treatment

  Have you ever thought that you may have a metabolism problem? Issues with weight and energy could be a sign of a metabolism problem, but the actual cause for the issue may not have to directly be due to your…

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Stem Cells Make For Better Skin Quality

There is a special little thing going on in your body right now. It is generating stem cells that work within your system to help take care of all kinds of things. Stem cells are frequently the root cause of what…

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Some Vital Benefits Of Testosterone Treatments For Men

  Testosterone treatments are a sensitive subject for a lot of people. This is a sex hormone that men naturally produce in their bodies to begin with, but some are not as good at producing this hormone as others. Those who…

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EnVoque Hormone Therapy in Arizona | Is it the Right Choice for You?

EnVoque hormone therapy in Arizona is hormone replacement therapy for women who suffer from hormonal imbalances or deficiencies related to issues like thyroid problems or menopause. A safe and effective treatment, hormone replacement therapy can help improve your health and quality…

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