Stem Cell Therapy for Damaged Tendons

For the past decade, stem cell therapy has been used by surgeons and physicians to bring healing to specific areas. In 2017, the FDA authorized use for this amazing new treatment to be used by the general public. This means that stem cell therapy is now available for treatment outside of surgery and hospitals, and the use of stem cells has become very successful for osteopathic patients.

Stem cell treatment for damaged tendons, torn muscles, and excessive cartilage loss in knees have become a very successful way to treat these issues occurring from overuse, injury or osteoarthritis in the arms and legs. Using sterile, umbilical stem cells for damaged tendons has restored patients back to their healthy, happy lifestyle without the pain of surgery.

The reason stem cell therapy is so effective for a compromised or damaged tendon is the reason why this treatment has become a preferred method of reducing pain and repairing and building strength in the arms and legs. Correctly harvested stem cells come as a blank slate waiting to be instructed on what to do. They’re not programmed to “grow and multiply” into any specific part of the body.

In your case, if you have suffered from tendons that were damaged because of an accident or a sports injury, the stem cells that are injected into that area will identify with the cells in that tendon, and they will begin to produce that type of cell. This is how stem cell therapy works in every case from their use in hearts, lungs, kidneys, knees, and anywhere else they have been used. It seems like magic, but it is definitely a researched scientific procedure that works the same way everywhere it’s used.

After the injection in a qualified doctor’s office, the cells begin to multiply at a rapid rate. Many feel relief almost immediately, but the cells will continue to grow around that damaged tendon at an accelerated rate for about three months. By that time, you should be experiencing more relief, but even then the stem cells will continue to multiply, producing similar cells to the original tendon for approximately eight months. The stem cells that were injected into your damaged tendon have now combined with the existing tissue to become a part of the original. The trauma to the tendon has been addressed and will continue to be restored to its original design and improved abilities.

A damaged tendon is not only extremely painful but if damaged severely enough, it may never be able to mend to its original function without stem cell therapy. To find out more about this phenomenal process that can have you back on your feet without crutches or a cane,reach out to the professionals here at Envoque MD to learn more. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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