Testosterone Treatment for Men | What Are the Benefits?

Testosterone treatment for men has become more common among males looking to restore the vigor felt in their youth. The staff at Envoque MD in Scottsdale, AZ would can help restore healthy hormone levels in men with testosterone therapy The …


What Can A Hormone Imbalance Specialist Do For You?

The endocrine glands in our body secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream. Hormones are chemical substances that control and coordinate body functions. Any oversecretion or under-secretion of a hormone can cause health problems. When you have health issues involving hormone …


The Advantages of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The natural aging process causes several changes in the body. For example, it can provoke the loss of hormones in both women and men. Poor hormone production causes a condition referred to as AHDS (adult hormone deficiency syndrome). At Envoque …


Why Seek Help With Weight Loss In Mesa?

Many people are familiar with the total misery involved in trying to lose weight successfully. While some may manage to lose the weight, often they end up putting it back on and a little extra on top. Others fail to lose it …


Hormonal Therapy For Men | Is It Right For You?

Hormonal therapy for men is becoming very popular as more and more men decide to say no to a life that is incomplete and plagued by continuous fatigue. You might be doing everything right with your diet, exercise routine, and overall wellness. …


Womens Hormones | FAQs

A woman’s body is subjected to many challenges. Menstruation, childbirth and menopause are just a few of the natural demands that your body must accommodate over time. Women’s hormones are the essential factors that can make these biological conditions function …


Reasons to See a Weight Loss Clinic in Scottsdale

As many people know all too well, it can be a real challenge to lose weight. There are lots of people that spend years “yo-yo dieting,” and rather than losing weight they end up putting more weight on. The inability …


What to Expect From Testosterone Treatment for Men

Low testosterone in men can stem from several causes such as aging, obesity, hormonal disorders, or underlying disease. The symptoms of this condition may range from imperceptible conditions like mood swings, muscle weakness, and fatigue, to noticeable issues like reduced …


Signs You Should See a Hormone Imbalance Specialist

Maintaining optimal health is not an easy endeavor. Eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and staying hydrated all take dedication and consistency to achieve the results defined as “healthy”-and these are just the aspects of our health that we can physically control. …


Who is a Good Candidate for Testosterone Treatment for Men?

Testosterone treatment for men is designed to restore hormonal balance in their body, which can dip due to the natural aging process and certain medical conditions.  The experts at Envoque MD oftentimes recommend this treatment to patients whose decreasing testosterone …


Hormone Replacement Therapy in Phoenix – What are the Benefits?

Many women know just what an impact that menopause can have on their lives. Fluctuating hormones can wreak havoc on your quality of life as this can affect everything from your bodily functions to your mood. Some of the main …


Is There a Relationship Between Low Testosterone and Belly Fat?

Several studies have shown a strong link between low testosterone and belly fat that is a precursor to obesity and metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of conditions that include abnormal cholesterol levels and increased blood pressure.  Fortunately, our team …

hormone therapy

Am I a Good Candidate for Hormone Therapy in Mesa?

When your hormones are in balance, whether it is reproductive hormones or human growth hormone, everything seems to be on track. When your hormone levels drop at a dramatic rate, it can make you feel like everything is out of …

bioidentical hormones

Fight Hormone Imbalance with Bioidentical Hormones in Phoenix

Growing up in Phoenix, you had what seemed like an endless supply of energy. You were active and felt as if you were almost immortal throughout your teen years and on through your 20s. It was not until you hit …

Weight Loss

How Can a Weight Loss Clinic in Scottsdale Help Me?

You’ve tried so hard to get your weight under control. You thought you could do it on your own. You invested in exercise equipment, gym memberships, and videos. You found diet plans that were supposed to work and followed them …

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