Low Testosterone

How Does Low Testosterone Affect Belly Fat?

As a man, you know that your testosterone levels matter. When they are at their peak, you will feel your best. Testosterone levels that are right on track do more than help you to have a healthy libido. They play a major role in your well-being. They help you to build muscle and maintain it. They help you to feel strong and maintain your stamina. It’s much easier to keep your weight under control when your testosterone is where it should be. You’ll have enough energy to take on your daily responsibilities. It’s easier to get through that workout. Your moods tend to be on an even keel. But when you’re dealing with low testosterone, you can struggle with symptoms that hold you back. Excess belly fat is one of them.

What Came First? The Belly Fat or the Drop in Testosterone?

While it is typical to experience low testosterone levels when you get older, it can happen to you throughout your lifetime. When testosterone drops and doesn’t correct itself on its own, you may be plagued by the following:

  • Exhaustion no matter how long you sleep every night
  • Hair loss
  • A lack of strength
  • Depression

On top of all of those symptoms, you may notice that your waistline is expanding. In some cases, you may gain weight first and then experience other symptoms that are connected to low testosterone levels. If you have noticed more fat accumulating on your belly and other symptoms that suggest your testosterone levels have dropped, you can do something about it to improve your well-being.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If low testosterone is giving you trouble and making it hard to shake that belly fat, you have options. You can undergo testosterone replacement therapy at Envoque MD in order to restore your hormone levels to where they should be. We have offices in Mesa and Scottsdale. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more!

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