Is There a Relationship Between Low Testosterone and Belly Fat?

Several studies have shown a strong link between low testosterone and belly fat that is a precursor to obesity and metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of conditions that include abnormal cholesterol levels and increased blood pressure.  Fortunately, our team at Envoque MD offers testosterone therapy for men whose body produces an insufficient amount of this critical male sex hormone.

The Critical Role of Testosterone

Testosterone plays a critical role in your overall health, with studies suggesting that it protects you from a wide range of diseases including diabetes, heart-related problems, hypertension, cancer, atherosclerosis, and even obesity. Healthy levels of testosterone also help you maintain good muscle mass; hence, a significant drop of this male sex hormone can result in increased body fat, particularly belly fat, turning your once athletic, V-shaped physique into something that is rounder and softer.

Causes of Dropping Testosterone Levels

Around middle-age, your testosterone levels begin a steady decline, which predisposes you to belly fat (particularly the obesity-related visceral fat found in the intra-abdominal organs), metabolic syndrome, hair loss, fatigue and low energy levels, and sometimes even depression and irritability.

Aside from aging, dropping testosterone levels are also caused by obesity.  In fact, several studies have shown a strong correlation between low testosterone and belly fat. For some men, their low testosterone levels predispose them to obesity, while for others it is the obesity that causes this male sex hormone to drop significantly. Decreasing testosterone levels have also been linked to certain drugs (especially those used to treat prostate cancer) and some medical conditions such as hypogonadism.

Why Belly Fat is Resistant to Weight Loss

Whether the obesity is the by-product of low testosterone levels, or vice versa, an insufficient amount of this male sex hormone can make it hard or even impossible to lose weight through regular exercise and a healthy diet alone. Hence, a growing number of men are starting to take advantage of testosterone replacement therapy, and for good reason!

Are You Dealing with Low Testosterone and Belly Fat?

If you are dealing with low testosterone and belly fat and you’d like to see if treatment is right for you, speak with the experts at Envoque MD in Scottsdale and Mesa. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!

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