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How Low Testosterone and Belly Fat Are Connected

You’ve always been a man with a plan when it comes to your body. You’re careful with your choices. You hit the gym and get your shuteye. Water is your go-to drink. Everything you’re doing has kept you on the right track for most of your life, but something has changed recently. Since you turned forty, you have noticed strange things going on with your body. You are irritable, even though there isn’t any reason for it. You’re not sleeping well. You can’t get enough energy to workout. Worst of all, you’re gaining weight all around the waistline. You’re putting on belly fat and you don’t understand it. Andropause, or a low testosterone level, could be the culprit.

Think About Hormone Replacement Therapy

When you think about testosterone, the only thing that may come to mind is libido. You know healthy testosterone levels can help you to have a healthy sex life. However, testosterone is responsible for so much more. It helps you to burn fat and build muscle. It gives you strength and stamina. It keeps your energy levels high. When they drop, it’s a different story.

Your testosterone levels are at their highest when you are in your twenties. They’ll start to drop in a gradual process as you approach middle age. In addition to so many symptoms, weight gain for no apparent reason is common. You can be doing everything right only see that weight building up around your midsection. If you are struggling with belly fat and other symptoms associated with low testosterone, hormone replacement therapy can help turn your situation around.

Talk to Your Doctor About Low Testosterone Today

If your testosterone levels have dropped at a significant rate, hormone replacement therapy can bring your levels back up to where they should be. You can take control of your testosterone levels.

You don’t have to live with symptoms of low testosterone. A consultation with our team can help you learn more about your treatment options for helping even low testosterone levels as well as medical weight loss programs to help combat belly fat.

If you think you could benefit from hormone replacement therapy to help you manage low testosterone levels and unwanted belly fat, contact us today at Envoque MD and schedule your consultation! Our team proudly serves Arizona from offices in Mesa and Scottsdale. Take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle today!

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