hormone imbalance therapy

Reasons to Consider Hormone Imbalance Therapy for Women

hormone imbalance therapy

You have always been a healthy person. You have been fortunate enough to avoid any serious problems. You give credit to your own efforts. You are committed to being active and eating right. However, your body is giving you problems since you hit the magical age of 40. You are experiencing troubling symptoms that are signs that menopause is on the way. It’s a change of life that you can’t escape. It might be natural, but that doesn’t make it any easier when you are feeling out of balance. Hormone imbalance therapy for women could be the answer for you. Consider reasons that you could be a good candidate for hormone imbalance therapy.

You’re Experiencing Typical Symptoms of Menopause

When menopause is on the way, your reproductive hormones are going to decrease. This is all apart of the process as your reproductive system gets ready to shut down. Some women are lucky enough to sail through this period of their lives without really noticing a difference. For others, the change can be dramatic. You may find yourself struggling with hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, and night sweats. Vaginal discomfort is also typical, and you may have no interest in sexual intimacy. If you feel like your body is a roller coaster ride, hormone imbalance therapy for women can help.

What Can Hormone Imbalance Therapy for Women Do for You?

When you have hormone imbalance therapy for women, you will be prescribed hormones that have the same chemical foundation as your hormones. Your natural hormone levels will be increased as you receive regular doses of hormone imbalance therapy. Your therapy may involve wearing a patch. You could have injections. Another option is to have hormone pellets for your hormone replacement treatment. They are inserted beneath the surface of your skin and last several months. Once you have been on treatments for a consistent period of time, you will notice the difference.

How Do You Know if Hormone Imbalance Therapy is Right for You?

You’ll need to make an appointment first to have an evaluation. Be open with our physician about how you are feeling. We will discuss your symptoms and have a physical while you are in the office. Expect blood work. If your symptoms are caused by a fluctuation in hormones, our doctor can prescribe the hormone imbalance therapy that you prefer. Be sure to follow our doctor’s instructions. Be sure to call if you are experiencing any problems or you feel like your treatment isn’t working. Our doctor will monitor your progress and make any changes to your treatment plan as needed. It’s time to take your life back with hormone imbalance therapy for women. Contact us today at Envogue MD to schedule your consultation.

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