What to Expect From Testosterone Treatment for Men

Low testosterone in men can stem from several causes such as aging, obesity, hormonal disorders, or underlying disease. The symptoms of this condition may range from imperceptible conditions like mood swings, muscle weakness, and fatigue, to noticeable issues like reduced sex drive, sexual problems, and weight gain. Testosterone treatment for men can help patients cope with this problem by administering testosterone externally until the levels of the hormone are back to normal levels.
Envoque MD in Scottsdale is one of the many wellness centers that offer testosterone treatment for men suffering from low testosterone levels. There are different ways of carrying out the treatment procedures, and if you opt for any of them, here’s what you can expect.

Before proceeding with any of the various forms of testosterone treatment for men, the first thing a physician does is to investigate whether there’s an underlying condition causing the hormonal problem. Conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, or even sleep apnea can cause low testosterone levels. In such cases, the standard course of treatment is to manage or cure the underlying condition that’s causing the hormonal imbalance.

Topical Gels

Depending on your specific concerns, men with low T issues can be advised to use topical gels as part of their testosterone replacement therapy. If your physician prescribes testosterone gels as the treatment option, you can expect a very noninvasive solution to the problem. All you must do is apply the gels as your doctor prescribes, which is typically in places that do not come into contact with other people, such as the inner thigh, the shoulders, or the armpits.


Testosterone injections can also be  treatment option. In between sessions, patients find that the testosterone levels in the bodies reach a peak for the first two or three days after receiving the shot. Thereafter, the hormone levels slowly drop until the next dose. The positive effects of the shots, such as an increase in energy levels and resolution of your sexual problems, may be slow to manifest. But by the end of the first month or two, the results become more pronounced.

Testosterone Patches

Testosterone patches are also a solution got men suffering from low levels of the hormone. If your doctor prescribes a patch, you can expect a painless recourse to your problem. You can apply these patches on to just about anywhere on the body, like the back, thighs, upper arm, or even the stomach. The testosterone from the patch is absorbed by the skin and released into the bloodstream. The good thing about using patches is that they are fuss-free and don’t leave a mess behind.

Testosterone Pellets

Another optional method for testosterone treatment for men is the use of testosterone pellets.  Pellets slowly but steadily release testosterone into the body. It is a solution for controlled amounts of testosterone administration.
If you’re interested in exploring these solutions, reach out to us here at Envoque MD and schedule an initial consultation to find out more about the best course of treatment for you. We are happy to tell you about the testosterone treatment methods that we offer.

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