women’s health

The Importance of Women’s Health in Scottsdale

women’s health

Women in Scottsdale are becoming more and more aware of their own unique health needs. Since women are different from men in a number of ways, it is important for them to consider how women’s health is different as well. In the past, little heed was given to these differences; however, today’s medical science has reached far and wide to better identify how to focus on what a woman needs to do to maintain optimal health well into old age.

Reducing NSAIDS Use

NSAIDS are a dangerous class of drugs used to mainly mitigate pain. Women often use NSAIDS when they are experiencing menstrual cramps and severe stomach aches during menstruation. One of the primary reasons for this is due to the buildup of a hormone called Prostaglandin. The problem with NSAIDS is that they can cause massive internal bleeding. To avoid this problem, many women in Scottsdale attempt to reduce their prostaglandin levels by eating certain foods.


It is important for women to be well-informed as to what their body needs during pregnancy to ensure their own health. Remember, you are not just eating for one person anymore when pregnant. A child can put huge demands on a woman’s body, so it is important that they take plenty of the right kinds of vitamins, essential minerals and probiotics to ensure both the mother and the child’s health.


When it comes to women’s health, a woman’s body is under a great deal of burden when it comes to hormone production and maintenance. Since saturated fats are an essential part of the way a woman’s body produces hormones, it is critical that women eat a diet that is rich in saturated fats. When the body can create all the hormones it needs to function correctly, this can help a woman in numerous ways. When a woman’s hormones start to fluctuate, which is a common occurrence as menopause approaches, this can lead to many issues down the line.

Fortunately, we offer treatments at Envoque MD that are able to optimize women’s health and wellness. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Scottsdale or Mesa and get started!

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