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The Many Benefits of Seeing a Holistic Doctor

With a decline in trust towards traditional medical doctors, many people today are looking for alternatives to the standard approach to healthcare. Since a specialist or even a general practitioner will often ignore the big picture of a person’s health in an attempt to toss pills at symptoms, it turns out that patients today have a different goal in mind. That goal is to actually become healthy again, not simply to have their condition managed indefinitely. In an attempt to find a real cure to their medical issues, many people turn to our holistic doctor to find solutions to their health problems that are not offered within the framework of traditional, mainstream medicine. Seeing a holistic doctor offers the patient various benefits.

Getting Off the Pills

When a patient finds themselves loaded down with fourteen or more medications that their doctor insists they must be taking on a daily basis, this is generally a sign that something with the approach to how patients are cared for is a miserable failure. The only natural thing about getting people addicted to so many drugs is that pharmaceutical companies make big bucks at the expense of the patient’s health. In a holistic approach to patient care, often the goal is to improve the patient’s situation by gradually getting them off so many unnecessary drugs. Since these drugs halt metabolic processes that are critical to the body’s ability to properly function and because these drugs have so many undesirable side effects, often our holistic doctor needs only to reduce the toxic medication load in such patients. In a vast number of cases, this is enough to help a person start to feel normal and healthy again.

Looking at the Big Picture

Since holistic medicine approaches health from taking a look at what is happening with a patient’s mind, body and spiritual needs, our holistic doctor will often find the underlying mental and physical issues that are creating the larger health problems. It only stands to reason that the nervous system controls everything the body does; yet, this is the one factor that so many traditional doctors overlook the significance of in their approach to treating patients. If mental stress is wreaking havoc with the nervous system, a holistic doctor helping a patient to eliminate that avenue of stress will undoubtedly have a positive impact on even the physical aspects of a patient’s health and well-being.

Other Lifestyle Factors

Since holistic doctors are looking for more than just symptoms to treat, it becomes important for our holistic doctor to benefit the patient by probing deep into their general lifestyle practices. Oftentimes, factors like drinking, smoking, lack of adequate exercise and other unhealthy lifestyle practices are at the root of a wide variety of modern health problems. By addressing the lifestyle factors that create adverse health conditions, our holistic doctor is once again providing the patient with a low-cost alternative to drug therapy that poses a better chance of getting at the heart of the real underlying problem behind their health conditions.

At Envoque MD, we are proud to take a holistic approach when it comes to addressing conditions. We understand that treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Scottsdale or Mesa.

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