andropause treatments

Reasons to Consider Andropause Treatments for Men

andropause treatments

You have always been at the top of your game. You’ve been fit, you have plenty of energy, and you have felt youthful. Everything seemed to come to a halt when your fortieth birthday rolled around. Ever since then, it’s like you are a clock that is winding down. You can’t seem to get up and go anymore. You’re dragging every day. Getting up in the morning is a challenge, even when you have had extra sleep. You don’t have enough stamina to get through your regular workout anymore. Your moods are all over the place and you keep snapping at people. You don’t have the libido you used to have either. You wonder what is going on. It’s time to consider andropause treatments.

Hormonal Changes Don’t Only Affect Women

When you hear about hormonal changes, you think about women and menopause. Andropause is a condition that affects men, and it’s very real. It all boils down to a drop in your testosterone levels. When you were in your late teens and early twenties, your testosterone levels were at their peak. That was the point in your life when you were ready to take on every challenge that came your way. You felt strong and on top of the world.

Over the years, your testosterone levels began to drop. As you head toward your fifties, they will continue to drop. While some men don’t notice these changes, they can be extreme for others. If you are at the mercy of your hormones, you are not alone. Andropause treatments can help you take control of what is happening inside your body.

How Do Andropause Treatments for Men Work?

When you have andropause treatments, you will be given hormones that match your natural hormones. You can choose to have daily injections, a patch on your skin every day, or pellets inserted beneath your skin that are time-released. The last option is the most convenient because you will not need more pellets for a few months. Once you have consistent treatment, you will begin to feel like your old self again. You’ll have more strength and energy. Your libido will make a comeback. Your moods will level out. You’ll feel like you are more youthful once you are no longer at the mercy of your hormones.

Learn More About Andropause Treatments for Men

If you have had enough of your andropause symptoms, our team can help. Come in for a physical and a blood test to check your hormone levels. If your hormones have dropped a significant level, we will find an andropause treatment that is right for you. Choose the method that is most convenient and you will be given the proper dosage. We will keep a close eye on your progress as you undergo andropause treatments. You should notice an improvement soon after you begin treatment. We will make any changes if necessary in order to ensure andropause treatments are working for you.

You can feel like yourself again. Consider andropause treatments with the experts at Envoque MD in Scottsdale and Mesa. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and learn more.

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