Women’s Health in Scottsdale: Benefits of Hormone Therapy


You have heard about hormone therapy and women’s health issues, but you never thought you would need it. You figured that the change of life would come without fanfare. You have never had problems with your menstrual cycle. Your pregnancy went smoothly. You have had great exams with your OBGYN through the years. You thought the approach of menopause would be gradual. Think again. Unfortunately, you have no control over this phase in your life. You can be in great shape and have excellent health, but the hormonal changes that come with menopause can still throw you for a loop. If you are experiencing troubling symptoms that are typical of menopause, hormone therapy in Scottsdale could work for you.

What is Going On with Your Body?

As you approach the age when menopause is going to begin, your body is going to go through significant changes. Your progesterone and estrogen levels are going to drop. Some women are lucky. Their hormone levels decrease gradually and they don’t experience discomfort. Other women may be at the mercy of an extreme drop in hormones. If you are experiencing hormone fluctuations, you may find yourself going through hot flashes and night sweats. Your weight can start moving up on your scale. You may have trouble sleeping. Chronic fatigue is typical. Your joints may ache. You may experience vaginal dryness. Sexual intimacy can drop to the bottom of your list. A decrease in hormone levels can make you feel miserable. To turn your situation around; consider the benefits of hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy will bring your hormone levels back to where they should be so your symptoms of discomfort go away. The best route to take will be up to you and our team in Scottsdale. Once you have hormone treatments in place, you will notice that your symptoms will go away. You will begin to feel like you are back to normal again. Your body will adjust, giving you more energy. Your discomfort related to your common women’s health issues will be a thing of the past.

Learn More About Hormone Therapy in Scottsdale

If you are experiencing symptoms that could be connected to a drop in hormones, take charge of your health today. Make an appointment at Envoque MD and learn more about hormone therapy. We have offices in Scottsdale and Mesa. Contact us today to schedule a women’s health consultation!

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